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Community project pot

Mamas Christmas decorations

Community project pot

With Christmas season fast approaching, the Mamas at the Bead work project have been pretty busy with making amazing and fantastic Christmas balls and bells with a touch of Maasai culture in addition to more Christmas decorations.

These are expected to reach different markets in time for everyone around the world to get into the Christmas spirit. Orders for December are now open and the items will sure be delivered on time.
By buying these decorations the money goes back to the women who support their families especially in the households where they are the breadwinners with paying school fees and buying nutritious food for their lovely children.

Currently with the partnership with Ryomgaard Realskole, the women will make different products that the Ryomgaard Realskole will display and sell during the annual Christmas sale at Ree Park in Denmark set to commence in early December. Whenever at the camp make sure to pass by their workshop set within the Karen Blixen Camp to see the amazing work and ornaments that these great Maasai women make.

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