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Armchair Game Viewing

Enjoy the Masai Mara wildlife from the comfort of your in-camp armchair

Karen Blixen Camp has the most amazing location for relaxed armchair game viewing. The camp gives undisturbed view to the abundance of wildlife coming down for a drink at the Mara River.

Karen Blixen Camp is exquisitely located opposite a much favored drinking terrain on the Mara River providing endless wildlife entertainment from the comfort or our tents’ verandas and the camps mess area.

Relaxed in-camp game viewing

Watch our resident hippo pod with their fat little baby hippos; busy pushing and shoving at each other.

Enjoy the elephants as they come in their dozens to gulp down trunks full of water and a playful wash in the Mara River.

Relax with a good book at your private verandah while looking at the sturdy buffaloes, the grand elands and the numerous zebras grazing the corridor of the impressive Oloololo Escarpment, just opposite your cozy canvas tent.

Karen Blixen Camp privately protects more than 900 hectars of natural wildlife area on lease agreements with our local Maasai landowners.
The joint protection of the area through the Oloisuk Concession assures our guests the utmost private and exclusive wildlife experience with undisturbed views of the Masai Mara River and the impressive Oloololo Escarpment.

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