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Green Technologies

Karen Blixen Camp has been constructed to run in the most environmentally responsible manner and all precautions are taken to protect the beautiful Masai Mara on which wildlife and people rely. We use the latest green technologies. Solar systems provide all power used at camp, solar panels heat up the water for the outdoor showers and a biological sewage system handles all waste water produced.

Karen Blixen Camp is fully powered by a solar panel system with back-up battery bank providing 24 hours electricity for all facilities.

The solar panels collect solar radiation from the sun and convert this energy into electricity. The solar energy goes into the battery banks ensuresing electricity is also available at night or on rainy days. The benefit is obvious; there is no excessive use of diesel fueling noisy generators and our outlet of CO2 to the ozone layer is kept at a minimum.

The total investment in the solar system with 56 solar panels of 175 Watt amounted to 135,000 USD.

We estimate that with good care, the solar system will last us 8-10 years. The equivalent usage of power provided by a generator will cost 54,750 USD per annum or 547,500 USD for 10 years usage. The cost buying the generator exempted.

Solar Water Heaters

We use solar tech for heating up water for the outdoor guest showers. The solar water heaters are centralized into one unit, connected to our main water system, providing hot water for all 22 guest tents on a 24 hour base. We believe the investment in solar water heaters will be returned within 18 months. The benefit is simple; when not using firewood and charcoal we do not contribute to the deforestation of Kenyan woodlands.

Vegetable Room

Our zero energy vegetable room is made of four walls each containing sustainable produced charcoal. Some chickenwire are wrapped around to hold it all together. On top we have placed an insulated roof. Let the water drizzle gently over the lot and you have a 40m3 cold room, where the temperature never exceeds 8 Celsius degrees.

Waste Water Treatment

All wastewater, coming from the kitchen, the guest tents and staff houses, is led into the sewage system. From here it is directed into the septic tank. The wastewater is then mechanically and biologically treated as it runs through channels of charcoal and sand filters. The water ends in two huge soak pits. The surface water is collected and used for watering our tree nursery and bush garden.

Strict waste management system for recycling

Karen Blixen Camp is committed to ensure all waste production is recycled. Organic waste is composted and non-degradable waste is separated and transported back to Nairobi for recycling.

Environmental Audit

Once a year, an Environmental Auditor reviews our practices and gives us recommendations to any needed amendments.

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