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Mara North Conservancy

Karen Blixen Camp is situated in the beautiful Mara North Conservancy. We protect more than 30,000 Ha of stunning natural wilderness in close partnership with the Maasai communities. Guests are ensured a truly exclusive safari experience.

Mara North Conservancy is a partnership between 11 member camps and 750 Maasai landowners. Our ambition is to create a best-practice, world-class conservancy with long term commitments to the environment, the wildlife and the Maasai communities.

The partnership provides the Maasai communities with the economic incentives to set aside their land for wildlife conservation and guarantees our guests of a truly exclusive safari experiences in one of the world’s most stunning wildlife areas with responsible tourism and controlled vehicle density.

Mara North Conservancy protects more than 30,000 Ha of pristine natural wildlife area.

Exclusive and Private Wildlife Area

Mare North Conservancy is one of the most densely populated wildlife areas within the Masai Mara Ecosystem. The great Oloololo Escarpments borders the conservancy to the south and attracts the rains; crucial for the red oat and spear grassland areas. Throughout the year great numbers of herbivores as elephants, giraffes, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles and impalas seek the area for water and gracing. Always closely followed by the big cat predators.

At the foot of the Oloololo Escarpment the Mara River flows through the conservancy area with families of huge hippos and large crocodiles resting lazily in the waters. In the northern corridor the scenic Lemek Hills make an important wildlife refuge, particularly to a pack of highly threatened African wild dog.

Mara North Conservancy is home to the Leopard Gorge; world famous due to its significance as birthing and maternity ground for the big cat predators. Five prides of lions amounting to 56 family members, seven cheetah and at least six leopards has made the conservancy their homeland area.

Community and Tourism Conservation

Communities living in natural wildlife areas must be provided with the economic incentives to set aside their land for wildlife conservation. The eleven member camps of Mara North guarantees fixed monthly lease payments for the privilege to carry out their game drives within the beautiful area.

The idea of guaranteeing a fixed lease payment is truly innovative and marks the very first time that the Masai landowners in this area have received direct, predictable and transparent income from wildlife, allowing the community members to plan ahead for the future. The lease payment is not subject to the number of conservancy tickets sold, and therefore not dependant on fluctuations in tourism.

Mara North Conservancy protects more than 30,000 Ha of natural wildlife area on fixed lease agreements.

Mission & Goals

  • Safeguard the Masai Mara through professional wildlife management
  • Direct and transparent revenue distribution to the Maasai landowners
  • Promotion of strong eco-tourism practices and use of environmentally friendly technologies
  • Controlled tourism and guaranteed low vehicle density for lower environmental impact
  • Fundraising for the betterment of the local communities


Mara North Conservancy is managed by a board of directors, elected by the member camps. The board works in close partnership with the Maasai Landowner Committee to meet short and long term objectives for the future. The Landowner Committee reports to all landowners for their final approval. Twice a year, full community meetings are held whereby all landowners are able to voice their opinion on the way forward.

Mara North Conservancy is a not-for-profit public company established on the 1st of January 2009.

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