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Karen Blixen Camp is partnering with international agencies as well as local organizations. NGOs provides expertise and special know-how, whereas our tourism partners and local communities offer network and valuable capacity building.


Danida is the Danish International Development Assistance to developing countries. Its legal mandate is to provide economic and technical support to developing countries with the objective to achieve economic growth, social development and political independence within the framework of the principles of the United Nations.

With the Africa Commission of 2008 the Danish Government decided to focus its international development assistance to the Sub-Saharan African countries and address the social and environmental challenges these countries are facing. Investing with private companies is a very important part of Danida’s development programs, as these partnerships ensure the creations of new jobs, contributing to the reduction of poverty. It is estimated that Africa needs 11 million new jobs every year to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals of 2015.

Learning for Life, Responsible Tourism at Karen Blixen is a community educational project funded by Danida through its IPD Programme. The Innovative Partnership for Development Programme provides economic support to companies who have the ambition to facilitate corporate social investments for the betterment of people living in the developing countries. The overall objective is to contribute to poverty reduction by promoting economic growth and social development through innovative investments. The IPD Programme operates within the framework of the UN’s Global Compact.

Karen Blixen Camp has been granted the funding to establish the Karen Blixen Hospitality School and facilitate better tertiary education for the local Maasai youth. We are very grateful for the recognition and will make every effort possible to honor Danida and the Danish Government. Please go to for more information about Danida’ IPD Programme.

IFU, Investment fund for developing countries

Karen Blixen Camp is a Kenyan registered company owned by Danish shareholders. IFU, the Investment Fund for developing countries has granted us a development loan, as a part of their objectives to promote economic and social growth in developing countries.

Research shows that nine out of ten jobs in developing countries are created in the private sector. Private sector growth is therefore needed if development in Africa is to be achieved.

IFU has invested with Danish companies in Africa for nearly 40 years and is one of the most experienced institutions when it comes to investing in and setting up businesses on commercial terms on the continent. Please visit more information.

UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact has established networks throughout the world assisting private companies to network, attend seminars and learn more about the framework of the UN Global Compact.

Kenya Association for Manufacturers provides the platform for the UN Global Compact Local Network in Kenya. KAM organize seminars to align business operations and strategies with the ten UN Global principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental safeguard and anti-corruption for Kenyan companies supporting the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Karen Blixen Camp attends specialized workstreams to access the UN Global Compact extensive knowledge of moral authority and experience with sustainability and development issues. Please visit and for more information.

Mara North Conservancy

Karen Blixen Camp is founding member camp of Mara North Conservancy. We protect 30,000 Ha of pristine wildlife area in close partnership with the local Maasai communities and our ten tourism partners. Mara North Conservancy was established with the ambition to create a best practice, world-class conservancy with long term commitments to the environment, wildlife and local communities.

Prior to the establishment of the Mara North Conservancy, the wildlife area was known as Koiyaki-Lemek and was under management of the Koiyaki-Lemek Wildlife Trust. Ten different associations with 143 directors were responsible for collecting and distributing park fees as well as protecting the area; a very challenging task with different political interests. It is estimated that the Koyiaki-Lemek Wildlife Trust generated approximately 2.5 Mill USD from the years 2005 to 2007, but only managed to distribute 20 percent of this revenue to the Maasai landowners, giving each landowner a total of 8 USD per Ha per year. Furthermore, cattle grazing, human settlement as well as development of new tourist establishment were uncontrolled.

During the fall of 2008 the founding member camps of Mara North Conservancy joint hands with the Maasai leaders to find a sustainable and long term solution for the conservation of the area. Numerous meetings were held beneath the shade of acacia trees, before the 750 Masai landowners decided to lease their land to the Mara North Conservancy.

Today, the twelve 12 member camps pay 87,000 USD per month in fixed lease payments amounting to 1.044 USD million per year. 83 percent is distributed as lease payments, paid directly into the individual landowner’ bank account and 17 percent is allocated for conservation management with employment of our 30 rangers. As a result, each Maasai landowner is secured 38.50 USD per Ha amounting to at least 2,220 USD per year, a fee that matches the price framers will pay for agricultural use of former wildlife areas. The lease payments are entirely unaffected by fluctuations in tourism numbers and mark the very first time that the landowners have received direct and transparent income from wildlife conservation. Mara North Conservancy has signed lease agreements with the Maasai landowners for a period of either 5 or 15 years.

Mara North Conservancy is managed by a board of directors, elected by the camp owners. The board works in close partnership with the Masai Landowner Committee to meet short and long term objectives for the future. The Landowner Committee reports to all landowners for their final approval. Twice a year full community meetings are held whereby all landowners are able to voice their opinion on the way forward. Please visit for more information.

Karen Blixen Camp is founding member camp of Mara North Conservancy. We guarantee the payment of 27,500 USD per month. This makes us the single largest contributor with 330,000 USD per year in fixed contribution.

The Woodlands 2000 Trust

The Woodlands 2000 Trust is a Kenyan based organization that offers afforestation consultancy services to private companies, farmers and landowners who are interested in commercial and environmental sustainable woodlot farming. The overall objective is to create a sustainable and profitable tree products industry that contributes towards poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and increased bio-diversify in semi-arid regions.

The tree growing and processing industries project is an ambitious initiative by the Woodlands 2000 Trust to promote small, medium and large scale private sector afforestation ventures and sustainable ensure local and regional demand for woodland products. Thus participants access land-planning services, seeds and seedlings, planting materials, tree survival and woodlot management services.

The Woodland 2000 Trust was established in 2001 with a grant from the British Government, DFID, Department of International Development’s Business Partnership Program, in close partnership with the Tamarind Group.

Karen Blixen Camp is partnering with the Woodlands 2000 Trust to establish a Forestry School. The ambition is to offer education for the Maasai youth on how to plant and grow sustainable woodlots for the restoration of the Mara woodland areas. The Forestry School will offer theoretical tuition as well as practical demonstrations emphasizing on wood farming and micro financed enterprises. Please visit for more information.

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