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The Karen Blixen Wildlife Experience

Experience the Serenity of a Private Conservancy

Karen Blixen Camp is uniquely situated on the rich banks of the Mara river while located in the Mara North, one of the most dense private wildlife conservancies in the Masai Mara ecosystem.

Exclusive & Private

Karen Blixen Camp is situated in the beautiful Mara North Conservancy. We protect more than 30,000 hectares of stunning natural wilderness in close partnership with the Maasai communities. This partnership provides the communities with the economic incentives to set aside their land for wildlife conservation while guaranteeing a truly exclusive safari experiences to our guests in one of the world’s most stunning wildlife areas with responsible tourism and controlled vehicle density. Through the privacy of the conservancy we can limit tourist and vehicle density while also enabling walking safari experiences that are elsewhere prohibited.

Game Drives

The greatest Arena on Earth

Game drives are encouraged within Mara North Conservancy for the utmost exclusive and private safari experience with low impact tourism and controlled vehicle density for sustainability of ecosystem. On request and during the great migration we drive into the Masai Mara National Reserve. Visit the Leopard Gorge, a vital nursery area for lions, cheetahs and leopards, made famous by BBC’s Big Cat Diary

Game Walks

Getting even closer

Game walking is an amazing experience. It gives you an intense feeling of the greatness and the astonishing Masai Mara Ecosystem. Walk almost quietly through the diverse arrays of grasses and enjoy the fresh smell of the plains and the prickly heat of the sun. Stand close to the mighty termite hills. Try and get close to the abundance of plain games inhabiting the Savannah, watching you with timid curiosity as you slowly approach them.

Nature Walks

Explore the rich Wildlife Experience at the Camp

Nature walks are kept within the camp and focus entirely on the rich bird life and little insects inhabiting the area and how the Masai make use of the indigenous plants for medical and ritual purposes.

Night Game Drives

Experience the dangers of the night!

Karen Blixen Camp offers night game drives. The feeling and the smells of the savannah are completely different. Stronger. More quiet. With all plain game alert and watchful. One truly feels the dangers of the night as the big cat predators prepare themselves for the nightly hunts. We leave in the late afternoon and return to camp no later than 9pm for a late dinner. Stars in Masai Mara are amazingly bright and the night has this velvety blue darkness. Perfect for a gin & tonic at the outdoor fireplace; exchanging stories of the adventures of the day.

Balloon Safari

Seeing nature at its best from a bird’s perspective

There is nothing like flying high above the magnificent African Savannah in a Hot Air Balloon; seeing nature at its best from a bird’ perspective is unimaginable. Until you’ve actually tried it.

Bird Watching

The Wonder of Kenyan Ornithology

Bird watching is an important and interesting element of every game drive and with over 550 bird species in the Masai Mara, endemics to East Africa, watching birds’ behavior is really an adventure on its own.

Tour Packages

Safari with Us!

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